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Job satisfaction, happy customers and attention to detail

By having these three main principles at the core of our company ethos, ensures that the quality of service we provide is nothing short of excellence.

Here at Checkmate flooring, we aim too reflect the decades of experience and expertise that all of our operatives have acquired over the many years of hard work within the industry, by ensuring that every customer is provided with a professional and friendly service, along with the floor of there dreams. If you are looking for a company of professionals to help source, install, repair, restore or even just maintain your flooring, commercial or domestic, then look no further. Hear at checkmate flooring, we offer a multitude of services to help you receive the right service for your flooring vision.



Repairs no matter how big or small can ruin the overall look and feel of a floor by standing out, and attracting the eye to the offending area. Our fantastic team can assure to make light work of these dilemmas, restoring them structurally and aesthetically to match the rest of the floor; removing old damaged boards carefully and replacing them with woods that match the existing floor.


With so many options and varieties it can be a daunting task when choosing your desired floor, or maybe you have an exact idea of which style, colour, texture or pattern, Never the less, checkmate flooring is here to help. With our experienced operatives at hand, we can help source and install your desired flooring and with our samples at hand, give you a good indication towards your preferred floor. Using the finest and precise tools and machinery  available means we can work with incredible detail and efficiency. From finished floor to unfinished floors, brushed to sanded, parquet to planks, we cover the whole spectrum of the trade.


By using our specialist machines equipped with high grade extraction units, we can sand even the toughest of floors with minimum fuss and mess. Ensuring that old finishes have been fully removed, that levels and undulations in the floor have been flattened and smoothed, we then work through the finer grit papers to ensure the floor is scratch free and polished to spec.


This is where the hard work and attention to detail pays off. After the sanding process is complete and the floor is cleaned, we can then apply the desired finish to the floor such as colours, tints and stains to oils, lacquers and lies. We also offer brushing of floors which can add real depth and texture to a floor. With our expert knowledge we can help you choose the best products to ensure a beautiful and long lasting floor
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